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martedì 30 ottobre 2018

Ray Daytona and Googoobombos - discografia


I "Ray Daytona and Googoobombos" sono un gruppo garage punk, surf italiano nato nel 1997 in provincia di Siena.

1998 - Ray's Own Business/Showdown/X-Rated Dol
2000 - Real Black King/Strict Mistress/Sick of You Baby
2001 - Hole In The Ground/Have Love Will Travel/Boss Hoss
2009 - Lover And Liar/Man With Balloons


Elsa Riverside
The Fuzz
Adopt The Highway
Wipe Out


Speed Limit 65
Grand Prix
It's Too Late
Jamie Lee
Real Black King
Here Come The Cops
Surf Party
Smell of Zambra
Tellin' Lies
X-Mas Eve
Uncle Creepy Takes A Trip


Texas Saucer Contact
Thunder Ass
2 Is Better Than 1
Daytona Demolition Derby
Arizona Strip
Bikini Barhäus
Eggs & Bones
Monster Stomp
Nothing To Lose
Big George
Spider In My Head
Weird On The Moon
Corasoda Dry


Eggs & Bones - Demolition Derby - Daytona Connection - Barracuda Waver - Branded - Showdown - Totò Le Moko - Monster Stomp - Thunder Ass - Texas Saucer Attack - 6k6 - Drinking Toluene - Weird On The Moon - Bikini Barhaus - Adopt The Highway - Arizona Strip - Area 51 - It's Too Late - 2 Is Better Than 1 - Scrambler - Tellin' Lies - Spider In My Head - Death of Johnny Riviera - Sympathy For The Devil (Feat. Jam With) - Under My Thumb (Feat. Jam With) - Honky Tonk Women .(Feat. Jam With)


Psyclope - High Pressure Liquid Chromatography - An Der Urania - Slim, Horny And Tanned - Old Cannibal Woman - Detecto! - Taliban Surf - Drinking Toluene - Not All Astronauts Are Slim - Roasted Fly - Cowgirls And Cactus - Daytona Super Royal Rumble - Even The Zombies Cry - (I Got) Sideburns - It's Too Heavy To Be Lifted (Call Mama) - Fasten Seat Belt - Brand New Dino - Normaloid - Super Barrio Gomez - Down At The Barber Shop - *** In The Jungle - Hills of Pitigliano


Heart of Darkness
It's Not That I Don't Like
Dr. Phibes' Clockwork Wizard
Buttero Square
One Eyed Jack
Backdoor Baby
Sick And Tired
Trouble Pusher
Can't Sleep At Night


Space Time Spyral
Hot Dog
Count Me Out
Exploding Plastic Inevitable
Senile Chemist
Bourbon City Blues
Told Me Not To Run
Uncle Wolf
Santa Muerte
Mojito Lounge
Hard Bodies
Walk Down The Line


Alternative Brain
White Light / White Heat
Love And Napalm
I'm A Loser I'm An Asshole
Field Day For The Sundays
Never Been In England
Your Body Not Your Soul


Ray's Own Business - Showdown - X-rated Doll - Elsa Riverside - The Fuzz - Adopt The Highway - Wipe Out - Pipeline - Daytona - Connection - Area 51 - Toto' Le Moko' - Gotham City - By The Time I Get To Rockaway - Real Black King - Strict Mistress - Sick of You Baby - Blues' Theme - Hole In The Ground - Have Love Will Travel - Boss Boss - Here Come The Cops - Death of Johnny Rivera

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